San Camillo II

Welcome to our lovely home, San Camillo II.


Welcome to San Camillo II.

San Camillo II is a renowned orphanage for children with special needs. With dedicated staff and great accommodations, our home is open to those who doubt. Visit our accommodations, talk to our dear staff and discover our history.

Play as Janey, a journalist who sees her job go down the drain, who receives a call from her friend about a new story. An informant of the institution informs the precariousness that occurs in that home. This could not have come at a better time for Janey, her job may not be more at risk after this matter.

Collect information, talk to employees, and find out what really happens at this institution in this Multiple Ending Visual Novel.


Resolution: 1920x1080 (Window and Full Screen)

Genre: Mystery/Thriller, Supernatural

4 Endings (1 good, 3 bad)

Download the game here.

Written by

Liam Ferreira

Art by

Saken Z.

Translated by

Eduardo de Oliveira

Phelix Roth